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“I’m so pleased to finally meet you Annie. can I just say it was an honour watching you in action!”

Oh how I wish I’d put money on tonight’s ending! I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now how I thought Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and baby Eve would be leaving us to cross through her door permanently! The signs were all there – with less scenes and a higher focus on new characters plus it’s always more interesting when the creator writes the episode! I was willing our new ghost to be adult Eve purely for all the supernatural possibilities. But Alex (Kate Bracken) is a worthy addition, as long as we steer clear of the Hal/Alex romance.

Toby Whithouse’s love for the characters, the premise and heart of the show shines through. The fact Annie chooses to allow Eve to die, that could have been shocking and marred a loved character. But it wasn’t that black and white. The scenes after the explosion gave closure. I’m not going to lie and say I loved Annie’s character I didn’t, I liked her, but not enough to be too dismayed at her departure. But I wanted a positive end for her & I feel we got that in a round about way.

There were moments of tonight’s finale very difficult to watch, I don’t think I’ve seen a scene like Cutler (Andrew Gower) incinerating before our eyes in many TV series. It was gruesome, shocking and exceptionally dark. (I admit I had to look away) You could have been watching a horror film.

Mark Gatiss as Mr Snow gets all the best lines; which I half expected, and he delivers them all as wonderfully as you’d expect, but I do feel its a shame he’s crossed the threshold and swept the limelight in the final episodes, after all the cast’s hard work through the series, and he did exaggerate it a bit in some scenes. Personally I’ve always felt Gatiss is a great actor but an even better writer. Unpopular opinion? Maybe, but I can only review on how I feel, you may see it very different and rightly so!

"For as long as there have been creatures like that, there have been men like me."

Most exciting and intriguing character, is our almost period character Mr Rook (Steven Robertson), who was chilling and polite in extreme measures. The scene where he senses Alex and looks her right in the eye; truly was chilling and unnerving. I do hope we see a return of his mysterious character in series five, I would be disappointed if he went the way of Edgar Wyndham; an amazing but brief character I was so looking forward to seeing in series four instead he was never to be seen again, just mentioned in passing (George killed him).

I do love it when a series has these vaults full of archived supernatural events, not only is it highly believable (yes I was an X-Files fan “the truth is out there” and all that) Mr Rook is our very own Men in Black except he doesn’t need no fangled laser. No he uses fear, intimidation and eloquent english to render his subject speechless (after all not many men would get a mobile off a student. he wouldn’t get mine I can tell you that, and I’m no student)

I sure many will be sad to see the loss of Annie, the last remaining original cast member. Series four has been very much a transitional series with changes that some will have found difficult to accept. I will however urge those who have given up, or not given Being Human a chance to do so. The new cast Damien Molony & Michael Socha are just as talented as their predecessors, we just don’t know them as well. So let’s get to know them. We’ve learnt fragments of their characters, I’m looking forward to learning more. Series 5? Yes please!