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Sunday (25th March) see’s the finale of Being Human series 4, ‘The War Child,’ with Mark Gatiss in a guest role as Mr Snow, head of ‘The Old Ones;’ intent on taking over the world. Can Annie, Tom and Hal do what’s necessary to stop him?


Here are 15 teasers for the episode…

» 37 seconds. Very deft gentlemen, very deft but lets not dally, I think we’ve got company.

» Am I missing something. Is he giving me a television set?

» Wait a minute baby Eve took you to the future; that’s crackers.

» Think of us as the domestic staff of the world.

» Well actually Mr bloody Radio 4 we can, and I’ll show you how…

» Always be kind and polite, and have the materials to build a bomb

» I love you

» Ah you learn quickly Skywalker.

» Took me in to a corridor (laughs)… sorry I misjudged the mood.


» I’m stuck like this –  forever? But I look like a girl!

» Tangentially –  I was involved tangentially.

» By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.

» Lets start tomorrow, I need to defrost the freezer.

» I always knew I’d make history, no-one will forget me now