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Ahead of Sunday’s penultimate episode of series 4 of Being Human, here are 15 teasers lines of dialogue…

“I know the place you mean, I was looking in the window the other day, and the manager shooed me away”

“I make a bloody good cup of tea”

“You’re becoming the drunk who never buys a round”

“You marooned me in a different world; talk about burning my bridges”

“Firstly someone needs a tic-tac!”

“Don’t tell me, they chopped him into little pieces and sprinkled him over the HMS Belfast”

“Humanity and mercy are an old skin, don’t you realise”

“Not her please”

“Are you… aiming for enigmatic. Cos what I’m getting is sociopath”

“How did it go with Alex? You didn’t kill her did ya… Ah tell me tomorrow..”

“Relax, no-one died”

“Don’t you understand what I’ve done; I’ve set you free.”

“Eve and I don’t get along”

“You been smoking?”

“Ryan has a tattoo with a bloody typo on it…”