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“And they called it Puppy LoveDonnie Osmond sings, and that’s exactly what this episode is, a sweet, cute and innocent romance that brings a cuteness to Being Human which is not something you could say very often.

Allison (with TWO L’s) a young werewolf comes in search of the star of Cutler’s YouTube video and discovers Tom working in the cafe. When the pair meet its clear on the intellectual parameters they’re poles apart with Allison being a champion debater and all round good egg with a Blue Peter badge as the cherry on the top. (Blue Peter gets a lot of love this episode) Together they form a bond (and a romance) as they both learn from each other; Allison learns there are times when words must be replaced by action, and Tom learns that violence isn’t always the way to deal with a situation. However loves young dream couldn’t last as Tom feels her innocence is being stripped away from being around his world and sends her packing back to mum and dad like a wounded puppy.

Ellie Kendrick as Allison puts in a great performance as the geeky teen who I think probably falls for the adventure of the Being Human world more than Tom really, but they are very sweet together, although I think If you had to spend too long with Allison she would very quickly get on your nerves.

Meanwhile loves in the air for Hal too as he too has an admirer in the form of customer Alex. Hal’s routines and rituals are keeping him from killing but extra temptation is proving harder to resist when he agrees to a double date with Tom and Allison. Damien Molony plays the inner struggle with himself well, but problem with Hal’s character is you know at some point his resolve will break plus you know whatever happens he will be forgiven otherwise how else will he continue in the house.

Lenora Crichlow’s Annie seems to have taken more of a back-seat this series as the new characters are introduced, she has spent little time having scenes with the boys, but seen more scenes with the shows guest stars. This week Annie is forced to face the prospect that her unfinished business may not be a good thing as she accidentally kills her neighbour Emrys and vows to help him solve his unfinished business that’s keeping him from moving on; That being scaring his ex-wife and her partner out of revenge.

Enjoyed Cutler (Andrew Gower) playing both sides and I didn’t mind Golda. I did however mind her annoying side kicks, it all went a bit farcical when they were around. Emyrs was like the adult version of Adam last week; annoying but occasionally funny with it. And of course he leads us to the end scene where we finally get told (like we didn’t already know) that the blond girl IS Eve. (No, Really!). Seems the daughter (Aw she called Annie mum) wants Annie to come back to purgatory. And so its getting exciting as we reach the final episodes.


(This is a total guess as I have not yet watched the future episodes)

I have a feeling we may be losing Lenora Crichlow’s character Annie to the other side permanently and I think she’ll take baby Eve with her. Adult Eve will remain in this world to complete the vampire, werewolf and a ghost line-up. Totally random guess but hey, there you go!