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With only two episodes left of series four after Sunday’s episode of Being Human, here are 15 teasers for episode 6; “Puppy Love.”

» “Annie said is should get drunk and try and snog her”

» “Hal, I’ve found these matches and some of them are the wrong way round”

» “Ah…you’re religious hence your weird blend of happiness and sexual repression”

» “That is the…weirdest run”

» “She hasn’t aged well. Dodged a bullet there I think”

» “We’re more…Ceefax people”

» “I can’t exactly go to OFCOM”

» “No Annie listen to me. There’s never been anything more important!”

» “Its a war we’re all soldiers, we’ve got to pick a side”

» “The last time somebody spoke to me like that I used their skin as a Filofax cover…GOD I MISS THE EIGHTIES”

» “Bar…who needs a bar with this bad boy in town”

» “Hal’s not really in with the whole vampire scene anymore”

» “If people find out about the existence of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, they’ll…they’ll be riots, they’ll be lynchings. It’ll be like the tuition march all over again”

» “I knew a ghost whose unfinished business was to castrate her brother-in-law”

» “You’re not a vampire. You’re a flower and I’m a bee”