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For those who have ever watched the episode of Torchwood or in fact any supernatural series has probably come across tonight’s (ahem) affliction before. Although action is thin on the ground (unless you count the boys obsession and Yvonne’s constant neck and chest baring) but an entertaining story none the less and a shock moment when Hal stakes Tom (except he doesn’t *phew* it was all a dream) I think that’s the writer Toby Whithouse testing how invested in the characters we’ve become (more than I expected if you’re wondering). Some interesting character insight too as we learn Hal likes to sing (quite high-pitched there Hal) Tom has a thing for Barristers, (Tom needs a girlfriend) and Annie has problems with restricting her spookiness now that Yvonne can curiously see her. Careful there Yvonne she’s hungry to feel the power of killing again! Don’t do it Annie!

The return (from series 3 and the spin off Becoming Human) of Adam (Craig Roberts) the teenage appearing 47 year old vampire; who’s lewd, crude and irritatingly well…teenage! Bringing along with him not only a whole load of trouble for the house, but for its male residents Tom and Hal. Adam’s new love Yvonne (Selina Griffiths), is a straight talking school headmistress in her 50’s; oh i almost forgot… and a Succubus! You know, the child of a demon and human who makes men fall in love with her and then sucks the life out of men at the height of passion! Except Adam who’s already dead! A match made in heaven or should I say hell…

Adam and Yvonne have kindly brought along Pete (Sacha Dhawan) a journalist just in time to take a photo of Adam (except being a vampire his picture doesn’t show up), it seems the chaser is searching for answers just as much as the the ones being chased, as Pete has a particular interest after his parents were killed by a vampire. Fuelled with his empty picture he turns to Cutler (Andrew Gower) who nicely fits back back into the picture with his plan to turn the worlds attention away from the vampires and onto the werewolves. After planting a dead body staged to look like a werewolf attack, he then proceeds to humour Pete hoping he will break the story.

Craig Roberts plays the vulgar teen to perfection, but shows he does have a heart and some wisdom in his scenes with Yvonne enough not to turn you against his character, the comedy element he creates in Annie and Hal whose disgust displays with every expression is classic. Annie really does have a house full of kids and Yvonne is just as much in denial and confusion as the teenagers she teaches. Brought up by the lovely but messed up house no wonder Eve is traumatised enough to want to kill her younger self.

Next week: Poor Tom looks to be facing trouble with Cutlers dastardly plan!

Who thinks Cutler’s setting Tom up to come running to him for help, only to do something very bad?