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We’ve already reached episode 5 of Being Human series 4, so what better way to entice you to watch, than 15 teaser lines of dialogue…


» “Its definitely not the nemesis, he’s way too much of a knob!”

» “I’m a duty solicitor in bloody Trumpton.”

» “So I hear you’re an Old One. Colour me impressed, its like meeting the Queen.”

» “Wow, its like the last days of Rome here.”

» “So vampires are fine, but werewolves are stretching it a bit!”

» “Put some clothes on man, this isn’t the jungle.”

» “I’ve only been here a few weeks, you’ve already told me twice.”

» “I’m an old one crosses don’t affect us!”

» “I don’t want to be that man again!”

» “Chris Akabusi chased me round Morrison’s…”

» “I will destroy all those who get in my way, the streets will run with blood.”

» “Keats…that’s lovely dear….”

» “You really are a foul mouthed little oik you know that!”

» “Not me favourite , but Duncan will do the job!”

» “He’s a danger to the house Hal.”