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A better second episode, that focuses on Francesca or “Frannie” as her husband Paul calls her. After a life of riches and luxury on the back of her husband’s criminal activity, Frannie is faced with losing everything as the bailiffs turn up to seize their possessions, and with a threat of eviction looming and having to put up with “fat Bob” who is guarding the house while they wait, she goes to Paul in search of answers. Paul’s answer is just to say he’ll “take care of business” while she sits tight, or failing that go and build bridges with her dad, a prospect she doesn’t find appealing while her world is falling apart, and her son is only interested in how it will affect his skiing trip, while the daughter continues to sulk.

Paul’s seems to be stuck in a world where he believes women obey and should respond to his every order, and he’s none too pleased to find out Frannie gets a job as a cleaner, but what bothers him more is that she won’t be there to answer his calls and is worried about her working with any men that might turn her head. Frannie on the other hand likes her new found freedom, and having more purpose than just shopping and spinning, while a nice man pays her attention, a price he pays for when Paul gets him beat up, resulting in Frannie deciding that she doesn’t want a life on hold waiting for Paul anymore.

Meanwhile Gemma pledges to stand by her man and do whatever it takes to get Steve out, including getting rid of the incriminating gun she found last week, however she’s not too bright when she does it, first she asks Frannie for help, who doesn’t want anyone else’s secrets to deal with, but does tell her water gets rid of DNA, er duh! Does she REALLY need telling that?! Then when she does dispose of it, she fails to assess the area and nearly gets caught throwing it in the water before finally throwing it in what looked like a marsh/bushes. I don’t think it will be long before that gun turns up again. And what ‘s the point of getting rid of the gun, if you’re going to keep the cloth it was wrapped in?!

We finally see a bit about Harriet, who gets up the courage to go in and see her son, who initially refuses to leave his cell. It seems there may be something more going on, when we find out that it’s his mothers fault he’s in there and he’s angry, and by the looks of the preview, she may be paying a high price for that. Meanwhile Lou is losing control as her drug dealing is starting to infringe on her home life and her son is showing signs that he’s upset and unsettled, not helped by the fact he thinks his dad is building a football stadium.

Overall I enjoyed this episode; a better script this time, less hammy lines and more heart and realism. There’s still an element of soap and predictability, but it’s improving and I think if this episode is anything to go by, then it may be a winner after all. Iain Glen got to show more of what he does best, and he does play a good baddie, even if you disagree with him, and Polly Walker plays the rags to riches wife to perfection. I have to say that theme tune is drawing me in too.

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