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The complete DVD contains all 13 episodes of series 4 of the ever popular Merlin, and includes the following extra’s which is the focus of our review…

• Making Of Series 3 Film

A sightseeing look at the filming in the UK and Pierrefonds, France showing various cast and crew around the sets and behind the scenes filming. Of Particular interest the filming of Uther after his death, and a humourous moment where the cast are chanting “Long live the king” to the newly crowned Arthur, while Antony Head is outside talking to the camera.

• Cast & Crew Audio Commentaries

There’s 5 audio commentaries…

» “The Darkest Hour” Part 1 – with writer Alice Troughton and Katie McGrath (Morgana)

» “The Darkest Hour” Part 2 – with Angel Coulby (Gwen) and Rupert Young (Sir Leon)

» “The Wicked Day” – with Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Jeremy Webb.

» “The Secret Sharer” – with Richard Wilson (Gaius) and Julian Jones.

» “A Herald of the New Age” – with Adetomiwa Edun (Sir Elyan)

The commentaries are a fun listen, some more insightful than others, especially from Alice Troughton; and Richard Wilson asks some interesting questions to writer Julian Jones a semi interview if you like.

•Deleted Scenes

These are always interesting for the fans. A deleted scene can change the whole path a storyline may have taken or just a favourite character getting a decent bit of screen time that gets taken away. It’s a shame most of Angel Coulby scenes got cut, explains why she seemed so absent in the series. Personally I think 2 of the scenes should have been left in, and others I agreed that they weren’t needed.

• Out-Takes

The out-takes are a fun look at the behind the scenes mistakes, Nathaniel Parker seems to be the main culprit for disruption with an urge to giggle all the time and is very funny when he trips while trying to do a serious walk to Morgana’s hovel.

• Storyboards

The story boards are interesting in the respect that some of the art impressions of the scene look scarier than the actual scenes, other than that you’re probably only interested in this aspect if you’re into art.

• Fan Photo Gallery

A nice gesture by the makers of Merlin for the fans, however probably only of interest if you or someone you know is in the gallery.


A good set of extra’s that would please fans and those interested in the technical side as well as the high quality episodes which look even slicker and fresher on 35mm film.