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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Being Human series 4 up to episode 4. Don’t continue reading past this point if you would rather not know.

After we hit the half way point with Sunday’s episode of Being Human, we thought it was time to muse over what we know about Eve…or should I say what’s been alluded.

The mystery figure that appears in the TV screens to encourage the killing of baby Eve, we can only assume (at this point) is the grown-up Eve of the future as we are yet to hear her name spoken. But if she is baby Eve all grown up (and now ghostly) here’s what we know so far….

How powerful is Eve?

» She is lorded as the saviour, enough to frighten the vampires, but is that true, or just an elaborate plan created as mythology for the vampires to fear?

» She’s powerful enough to be the leader of a werewolf army in (Episode one).

» She has the power to send a ghost back into this world (Kirby), and grant him the freedom to stay if he is successful in his mission. (Episode 4)

» Emotionally powerful enough to sacrifice Annie who would have been a mother to her. She was obviously saddened by Annie’s demise before she composed herself and continued with the mission. (Episode 4)

In summary IMO Eve is a soldier, prepared to sacrifice for the greater good. She sacrificed herself in episode one to be able to interact with the past is her ghost form and believes killing her younger self she will stop the war, even if she has to destroy Annie, Hal and Tom to do it. Of course you could argue the opposite she’s evil and wants to destroy the group and kill the baby, but the why I can’t fathom when she has fought the vampires up until now!

Then there’s Hal and his wound putting him as prime suspect as the nemesis with a burnt arm! We know that werewolf blood is poisonous to vampires. But would it be toxic to baby Eve. After-all that would complete the supernatural triangle; As Eve will have been the child of werewolves; a ghost, and if bitten or blood passes from Hal a vampire with toxic werewolf blood in his system, she will encompass the entire mythology?!

Let us know your thoughts? Is Eve good or bad?