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After all the info and action thrown at us last week it’s nice to slow it down a bit to get to know our new characters, and how they interact with each other. Leo gets a message telling him he must leave and go west towards Honolulu Heights where he will find a house with a ghost, a werewolf and a baby who is the chosen one “who will save us all.” Hal and Pearl humour Leo cos of his failing health, but begin thinking that Eve may be the saviour after all, whereas Tom wants Annie to see baby Eve as just that, a baby, and nothing more than that. Annie, Tom and Hal bring some wonderful humour to this episode showing us the lighter moments amongst the dark that’s yet to come.

Damien Molony’s Hal proves an interesting addition to the cast with his calm measured deliverance of his lines, but full of emotion that can’t help but draw you to his character, who interestingly just like Regus in episode one wants the prophesy about Eve to be true! Michael Socha’s Tom I can’t help but feel a sense of aww, he’s very sweet in his protectiveness towards Annie and the baby. His scene at the end when he puts the picture of the ring Leo gave him on the wall showed his desire for something more. And yet there is a tension between him and Hal, and rightly so, as Hal so far is a hair’s breadth away from losing that cool composure that keeps him and others so safe; meaning baby Eve may not be so safe just yet! Especially if the future Eve has her way of manipulating him to kill the baby Eve. But why? Lenora Crichlow as Annie shines as her character becomes the maternal character of the house, dealing with her own grief and yet pulling the boys into line when they come to blows.

A lot of parallels in this episode from the ground rules and routines that Annie has set Tom in her mothering way, the same as Leo’s routines for Hal to keep him in control of his temptation to kill; Tom keeps a souvenir of fangs from his hunting of vampires and yet berates the pawn broker who keeps a trophy head of a wolf. Then there’s Annie and Pearl’s connection in that they both brought together a wolf and a vampire to live in a house with them. All of these parallels you would think would bring them together, but instead causes friction as they each compete for dominance. The death of Leo and the passing of Pearl to “the other side” brings these unlikely characters together in more ways than one, as they all react in grief and join in a future together to bring us back to the premise of what makes Being Human; A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf.

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