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Inside Men

New four-part drama serial for BBC One

Interview with Warren Brown

What did you think when you first read the script?

I thought it was brilliant. I really couldn’t put it down. It’s a very clever story and I just wanted to keep reading it. It really draws you in from the start.

I’m a fan of heist dramas anyway, and I’m a fan of really good scripts. This was a really good script. It’s not just a straightforward narrative, there are shifts in the timeline and as I was reading and the story was unfolding I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen next. You are still being surprised even towards the end, and there are still things being revealed. Hopefully the audience will get this as well. You are constantly fed a little bit at a time, seeing the story unfold and given bits of information.

Can you tell us about your character?

Marcus is a chancer, a daydreamer, living that champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage. He’s generally a good guy, a happy go lucky guy and he has a lot of fun with Gina. She is the driving force behind Marcus, she keeps him on the straight and narrow and makes him think things through properly, taking charge.

How does Marcus find himself involved in this multi-million pound heist?

Marcus is the catalyst in the heist. Initially what starts it off, being the chancer he is, Marcus thinks he can steal £50,000 and get away with it. He puts together a plan and carries it out with Chris. When they splash a bit of money, that’s when they get caught by John.

They think there will be trouble now, but John turns around and says that if they’re going to risk it, why not risk it all?

Does Marcus see himself in charge then?

Marcus definitely still thinks he’s in charge and sees himself as the alpha male of the gang. He’s still calling the shots, but in reality he’s not. As usual he doesn’t think everything through. He thinks they’ll be in and out. All he sees is the money, but he’s not smart enough to think of the consequences or to think of a proper plan. And that’s where John comes in. Although you think he’s a bit of a pushover, he’s much smarter and starts putting a proper plan in place.

How does Gina get involved?

Initially Marcus thinks he can get it past Gina, but in their relationship she’s the brains of the outfit. When she discovers what’s going on he thinks he’s in trouble. But she loves him dearly and tells his this time he’s going to go by her, every single thing will be step by step, so they’re together. It’s a great relationship. She possibly does wear the trousers, although Marcus wouldn’t like to admit it.