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This is a copy of my review for SimplyTV

Bloody brilliant sweetie darling! I was worried, I admit, that it wouldn’t live up to the great episodes of the 90’s but I needn’t have. It was hilarious as ever with line after line I could quote. The only bugbear is the canned laughter, too much in too many moments that didn’t even need it. But that was a minor slur on a fun episode.

Edina still obsesses with weight, Patsy’s still taking drugs and denying her age, and Saffy’s been in PRISON! Yes you read that right! When Edina goes to Her Majesty’s Prison I was expecting to see Patsy stagger out, nice twist for it to be Saffy. What follows is laugh after laugh as we learn she was top dog and even that gets a cheers from Patsy, but loved Edina “pris kids” line too.

Saffy’s cell mate comes for a visit who turns out to be Patsy’s drug dealer who Patsy owes a lot of money to. It’s up to Saffy to keep her sweet while they think of a plan to pay her back before she murders them in their sleep. But the biggest surprise is the guest appearance of The Killing‘s Sofie Grabol, with perfect English I might add. How she kept a straight face with Edina’s mutterings of made up Danish I’ll never know.

More highlights have to be Bubble’s re-enactment of the Royal Wedding, in particular Kate’s bum and “that hat” Beatrice wore. Patsy has mellowed a bit in her old age, as she listened to the cocky pensions clerk who had to trawl the ages to find her birth certificate, which it turns out she’s loaded. So more bolly, parties and the like (if she can figure out how to open that wallet that is); it’s like they’ve never been away! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Fantastic.