Having watched Spooks from day one and been an avid fan. I’ve been thinking for a while now how to sum up how I feel about the ending of Spooks. I had known for some time it was coming to an end much to my disappointment. But to hear the confirmation from Kudos, although wasn’t a shock. It was still upsetting. I almost felt like I was saying goodbye to a dear friend!

During the ten years I have become invested in the characters. I have liked many of them and disliked a couple too. I have always loved Ruth and Harry though! Both as separate characters and as a couple. I think its those two characters as well as the imagery of the grid and London that I will miss the most. Which is a testament to both the acting of Peter Firth and Nicola Walker. And the amazing production values that have gone into making Spooks.

Do I think Spooks could have continued on? Yes! However sad I am to see it end though, I have always said, if it was to end I wanted both Harry and Ruth to still be in it to be able to give it a fitting end. Whether it be good or bad. They are the glue that keeps the show and the grid together – for me!

If you had asked me at the start if I would get so invested in a programme about fictional characters – and a not very realistic betrayal of MI5. I would have said No! I’ve always had a tendency to have an all or nothing attitude to some things I like. But I don’t think I’ve ever been so invested in something as I have Spooks (and I was a big fan of The X Files)

At this point I don’t know if the ending will be good or bad! I suppose that opinion is different for every fan depending what you watch Spooks for. Would a bad ending in my own opinion affect me watching the DVD’s again! If certain characters were to die. Then yes. I don’t really mind what the ending is, as long as Harry and Ruth are alive. Happy or together are negotiable. But alive for me is the deal breaker in regards to DVD’s.

So I shall say with 3 episodes left to watch! Goodbye Spooks you have been wonderful and have been a great distraction to many a things and to many people. I’m sure for many, Harry and the team will live on as a happy memory in our minds.

So to all the characters who are still around and to those that have passed! To the creators, writers, crew and of course cast! I thank you for a great experience and hope you all go on to great things. To my fellow fans. I’m very happy to have made some wonderful friends and have had some amazing opportunities come my way thanks to Spooks.

Like a ship that sails I salute you Spooks!