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Have Kudos let the Spooks fans down?
Have Harry & Ruth not suffered enough?
Should fan loyalty be repaid?

"We've suffered enough"

As a Spooks fan since the beginning I was of course upset when the end of Spooks was announced earlier in the year. However I had always believed that Spooks should end with Harry and Ruth still amongst the cast, to be able to give a proper ending, fitting to the programme and the fans.

My upset turned to dismay when I learned the ending; that the producers of Spooks have decided to go with an ending of killing of one of their most popular characters, not to mention one half of a on-screen couple/ship *WARNING SPOILER* that person being the lovely Ruth Evershed, the MI5 Analyst and love of Harry Pierce’s life.

This in itself is upsetting, but then I came to read the CultBox interview with the writers Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent. Having seen the script for the final episode, I already knew the ending; the scene, and dialogue. Naively though I tried to hold on to a bit of hope that the producers might have a heart and change their minds. This interview confirmed that my hope was in vain. Instead, I felt that as a fan I was being mocked!

The interview mentions a piece of glass the writers have taken as a souvenir from the set! The same piece of glass that kills Ruth in 10.6. Following that interview several other quotes followed with; “Greek Tragedy,” and “Explosive Ending” all being mentioned several times.

I have thought maybe my reaction is biased due to being a Ruth fan, & a Harry and Ruth fan. After all I’m the first to admit I wasn’t bothered at Lucas’s demise in Series 9, as I wasn’t a Lucas fan. If anything It had gotten very tiresome for me that every mention of Spooks, and every interview was with Richard Armitage. Don’t get me wrong. I like Mr Armitage but his presence to me had become overkill. I wanted to see other members of the cast interviewed.

So which brings me to the title Question! Have Kudos let the fans down? Should we expect our loyalty and dedication repaid?

My answer is yes! Without the fan support and continual watching; telling friends who go on to watch; buying the DVD’s. Where would Kudos be? Would they have had the money or interest in their other programmes? They have admitted in the past that the revenue made from DVD’s goes back into the making of their programmes. Is it not then foolish to bite the hand that feeds it?

I feel bad for all those who spent time and money on the Bring Back Ruth campaign; plus the several fan letters to Kudos, Peter, and Nicola, only to have them bring Ruth back to die. I understand that Kudos didn’t ask for the fans to do that. But it goes to show how loved her character is.

Don’t get me wrong. I thought the last episode was very good and very tragic. But they couldn’t even give the fans a proper kiss while she was alive? They talk a lot about it being a grown-up relationship; A grown up relationship has more than 2 kisses when she was alive; 1 dead kiss and no consummation!

Kudos have lied consistently during this last series (Sam Vincent said what was put on twitter by Redmag about the last scene being Harry in his office wasn’t true. Kudos sent emails to fans saying multiple endings; again not true) I understand that they want to keep as much info secret; but what Kudos was really doing was hiding the truth because they didn’t want to change the ending they had decided on.

Do you feel Kudos has abused your loyalty?

I do! I will not be watching any future Kudos productions; nor will I be able at this moment in time, be able to watch the previous series’, amazing as the acting is; I’m aware now it will never go anywhere or come to anything. A crying shame (of which I have cried) and waste of a beautiful love story that underlined a once great series, that has now forever been ruined for me! What about you?

Please leave your comments and views.

6 thoughts on “Have Kudos Let The Spooks Fans Down, with Regards To Harry & Ruth?

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t changed mine either.

    And I haven’t watched a single episode either. I suspect it will be a long time before I can.

  2. I agree with you Debs. It was a huge betrayal of fan trust as well as, I at least would argue, lazy writing.

    I have never been so disappointed by a show in my life. I doubt I will watch Spooks again, at least not much past earlier series.

    1. Hi, Maureen, thanks for your comment. Even after all these months my feeling on the ending hasn’t changed, very cruel of them imo. I haven’t watched a single episode since it aired. I will always love Spooks but hate the ending!

  3. I agree 100% Kudos need to learn that they are only succesful because of the fans of their shows, especially Chris Fry the producer. Absolutely disgusted they can let a great show like Spooks end with a script that wasn’t even researched properly, Kudos are lucky they had Nicola Walker and Peter Firth all these years or they would have been stuffed they could do with recognising that.

  4. “Love is not literature
    when you can’t write on the skin” ='(

    (JM Serrat)

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