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In an interview with Graham Norton set to air on Friday at 10:35pm on BBC1, Doctor Whos River Song, actress Alex Kingston has hinted that she may be set to reprise her role as Amy Pond’s daughter in the sci-fi series, as well as admitting how long she knew the true identity of her character.

Alex, who made her first appearance in the Doctor Who episode “Silence in the Library,” has appeared with both David Tennant and Matt Smith in the title role. Alex, who can next be seen in the second series of Upstairs Downstairs, said: “You may see her again. Who knows?” adding: “Let’s just say, Upstairs Downstairs and Doctor Who don’t film at the same time.”

Talking about how long she knew the secret that her character River Song was the daughter of the Doctor’s assistants Amy and Rory Pond she said: “I knew…for the whole of the last series,” she admitted. “[The other actors] didn’t know and were constantly trying to get it out of me. They discovered it in that episode [A Good Man Goes to War] when they read the script.”


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  1. I sure hope she does return, ever time river and the Dr or together or my favorites

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