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A copy of my Simply Television Review for Series 10 Episode 4!

We had action, romance and quite possibly the best episode of Spooks so far this series! Spooks at its best and doing what it does so well interweaving a story of Religious extremism with the over-arching story of Harry’s suspicions about CIA man Jim Coaver, his possible part in the attempt to thwart the UK/Russia alliance, the assassination attempt on the Gavrik’s and of course the Murder of poor innocent Tariq!

Recently released MI5 asset Ashur has been gaining Intel on Muslim extremists in prison who are planning attacks in the UK. In return he wants UK citizenship for his Daughter, a deal which the Home Secretary will only grant if the operation is a success, as he patronisingly told Ruth when he said she would learn that’s what politics is like.

Asif Khan does a good job of showing the dilemma of a peaceful man caught up in an extreme situation. His reluctance to go through with the bombing and his attempts to convince his companion of why they shouldn’t follow the martyrdom route, and then his sheer desperation when his daughter is kidnapped and he sees no option but to do what is asked of him.

I knew as soon as we saw the domestic setup of Erin having breakfast with her daughter, that it wouldn’t be long before she would be used as collateral at some point! We didn’t have to wait long. With a bomb tied to Ashur in a busy Trafalgar Square he informs Erin that she is in the same position as him, as her daughter too has been taken. Dimitri rushes into full action man mode to save the little girl before CO19 take out Ashur.

Oh Harry and Ruth! My heart bled for Ruth this episode. Not only does she find out from Jim Coaver that Harry has many more secrets in his closet. She then admits she loves Harry and tells him “Tell me to stay and I will” Harry tells her to go to protect her from his future actions towards Jim Coaver. His threat at the end “24 Hours and I’m coming after you.”
Ruth also had to witness another moment between Harry and Elena after a failed assassination attempt in the park. Although I’m amazed they even bothered considering Harry and Sasha stuck out like sore thumbs. At least Ruth bothered to hide behind the bushes.

Why was Ruth meeting with Coaver in the first place? Is a number plate really proof that he’s the traitor? Have they never heard of fake plates? And how did a CIA trained women miss shooting Elena when she was in plain shot, and where did said CIA women go? Did no one run after her? Did Sasha kill her? Remind me not to go to London either if I’m gonna get smacked in the throat like Erin on a busy crossing and no one bats an eyelid!

I’m disappointed at the back-seat Harry and Ruth seems to have taken this series, especially if its in place of Dimitri and Erin and their cosy domestic setup. They may be beautiful, but this is the last series, no time for unnecessary distractions.

Next week, episode 5 and only one more after that. Looks like were gonna find out if Harry has made a big mistake about Coaver, and will Harry and Ruth sort themselves out before witty Calum realises that with only 5 people in the team his odds of survival are quite slim!