12 teasers for ‘Merlin’ 5.10: ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

12 dialogue teasers for ‘Merlin: The Kindness Of Strangers’

Episode 10 of Merlin airs on, Saturday 8 December at 7.55-8.40pm on BBC One.

Watch the trailer and Check out the info and picture gallery.

Below are 12 teasers, enjoy!

» You continue to waste your time Morgana.

» He sends you greetings and a warning!

» Of course the personal touch.

» The great battle is nearing!

» Don’t you understand? If something happened to you, we would all be lost.

» Not even you can separate your mind from your mind!

» No matter what you do, you cannot break me.

» A problem shared…

» You will remember me!

» Come alone – or not at all!

» What was it you used to say? The victim always talks…eventually.

» There are some things even a warlock as great as you cannot overcome.