Abi Morgan pens new BBC One drama The Split


BBC One has commissioned The Split – a new original drama created and written by Bafta and Emmy award-winning screenwriter Abi Morgan (River, Suffragette) and Sister Pictures.

Set in London, the divorce capital of the world, The Split examines the fast-paced circuit of high-powered female divorce lawyers through the lens of three sisters – Hannah, Nina and the youngest, Rose. Hannah and Nina are leading divorce and family law lawyers working for rival firms, whilst Rose is still searching for her place in life.

Over the course of the series personal and professional lives intertwine as we encounter a surprising array of cases, scandalous affairs and big-figure settlements, the meaning of commitment and the nature of the ever-changing idea of family.

Abi Morgan says: “As Robin Williams once said ‘Divorce is expensive… like ripping your heart out through your wallet.’ The Split exposes the complex realities of high end divorce and broken marriage through female divorce lawyers and sisters embattled and bound by their own troubled past.”

Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer and Founder of Sister Pictures, says: “I couldn’t be happier that Sister Pictures’ first greenlight is a fabulous Abi Morgan series for BBC One. The Split will be an emotional and entertaining exploration of love, marriage and divorce, with Abi bringing her trademark wit, insight and truth to our two brilliant and strong women fighting to try and work out how to survive modern life.”