‘Five Films To Catch This April’

We’re marching on straight into April already and the new cinema offerings this Easter season looks to entice audiences for more thrills and spills that 2014 have already provided. This month provides us with three huge sequels, biblical epics and head scrambling thrillers. So here at Inside Media Track, we’ve selected our five top films to catch this month:

hr_Noah_6Noah (In cinemas: April 4th)

Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical epic about the infamous Noah story finally hits the big screen as Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Anthony Hopkins all-star in the first resurgence of religious blockbusters. After receiving an apocalyptic vision of the world around him flooding, Noah must build the infamous Ark to survive the upcoming devastation and continue life on Earth. In other hands, it may drive a mediocre multiplex extravaganza but with an intelligent director in Darren Aronofsky, famous for The Fountain and Black Swan, this could provide a striking political satire with a modern context whilst also being a visionary feast for the eyes.


hr_Rio_2_8Rio 2 (In cinemas: April 11th)

Blue Sky Studios provide the family entertainment through the Easter season as the sequel to 2011’s hit about the feathered Blu and Jewel look to hit the high mark of The Lego Movie and Muppets Most Wanted for family entertainment so far this year. Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway both return to provide the voice talent as their characters venture from the busy city of Rio De Janeiro and into the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest to save friends, as their habitat comes under threat from a tribe. As the studio improved quality with the Ice Age sequels, this looks to hopefully follow that trend.


hr_The_Raid_2_31The Raid 2 (In cinemas: April 11th)

Welsh film maker Gareth Evans‘ 2012 feature The Raid was a successful hard-hitting martial arts experience that made you feel every karate kick and punch on offer, and this sequel looks to continue that trend. Following its lead played by Iko Uwais, he looks to infiltrate the Jakarta crime world as he looks to take out revenge and take out possible corruption at his police force. With the first film becoming a huge cult hit, this appears to offer even more brutal blood fuelled action with a genuine through line of cultural emotion and balletic fight scenes.


hr_The_Amazing_Spider-Man_2_59The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (In cinemas: April 18th)

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and director Marc Webb all return for Spidey’s sequel to his 2012 opening reboot film. Investigating deeper into his father’s scientific findings, Peter Parker uncovers a hidden past involving his friend Harry Osborn’s company OsCorp, whilst eradicating new evil threats in the form of Electro and the Rhino (Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti). With Sam Raimi‘s sequel Spider-Man 2 held as a high water mark for comic book movies, this looks to match or surpass it’s predecessor and ground Andrew Garfield as the best Spidey on-screen.


hr_Transcendence_4Transcendence (In cinemas: April 25th)

Christopher Nolan‘s right hand man Wally Pfister puts his cinematography to one side and directs his first feature film as Johnny Depp plays Dr Will Caster, focused on creating ever-growing artificial intelligence technology. However, his pursuit of more intelligence has its consequences as those critical of his venture begin to protest before things get out of hand. Already marketed towards the Inception and Eternal Sunshine audiences, this looks to demonstrate Pfister’s narrative storytelling as well as his visionary is just as wonderful cinematic experience to see. Previous collaborators including Morgan Freeman and Rebecca Hall also star.