Top 10 Films of 2013

This movie year of 2013, has had everything. It’s been the year that has treated us to its share of everything from huge budget blockbusters and brilliantly crafted Indies, superhero reboots and classic horror remakes. So here at Inside Media Track, we’ve looked back at the last twelve months of cinema releases and put together our list of the top 10 movies of 2013:


10. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

Just making it into the list, the latest of this year’s entries has seen Peter Jackson ramping up the peril, action and thrill ride of his Hobbit series to make a film perfectly pitched into his already endeared wider world of Middle Earth. A mountain of gold, barrels down river, giant spiders and one mean dragon, it’s had everything.


9. Bernie

Based on a true story, Jack Black was both loveable yet creepy in Richard Linklater‘s black comedy of a funeral director in small town Texas, whose kindness with a grieving widow went a step too far. Deeply dark with its hints of mockumentary of the Deep Southern townfolk and shocking crime mystery made this completely engrossing.


8. Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh‘s psychological and hypnotic drama about the misuse of a new, yet unknown medical drug delved deeper into the psyche than you could imagine. It had conspiracy elements on one hand, whilst exploring human sanity on the other and made this movie fall onto the right side of how to nail down a smart and intelligent thriller.


7. The Place Beyond The Pines

An intricate crime tale of generations paying the price of the former saw Ryan GoslingRay Liotta and Bradley Cooper face off in a bigger step-up from director Derek Cianfrance‘s opening feature Blue Valentine. Spanning across many years and overcoming unresolved lines in a brave and expansive tale.


6. The World’s End

A fitting end to the Cornetto Trilogy saw Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and company of childhood friends attempt to complete their pub crawl during the chaos of alien invasion. Wise-cracking jokes, nonstop laughs and a nostalgic soundtrack, Edgar Wright saved his most personal and most bonkers movie of the trilogy for the grand finale.

Django Unchained

5. Django Unchained

It may have dragged at times, with its thematic tones all over the place too, but Quentin Tarantino gave us his best film for a long while, as this blood soaked love-letter to old-style Westerns was every bit as violent, funny, dramatic and shocking as it could be. A truly memorable addition for Tarantino as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz were all on terrific form.


4. Mud

A Stand By Me story set on the Mississippi River sees Matthew McConaughey plays the title character – an escaped convict discovered by two young boys who help him escape the law and reunite him with his girlfriend. Brilliantly played, melancholic and demonstrating further the talent of director Jeff Nichols.

Tom Hanks

3. Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks was thrown into the midst of turmoil in the Somalian seas, but gave his best performance by a mile in recent years in Paul Greengrass‘ take on the true-life hostage story of Captain Richard Phillips. Playing the political message with exquisite balance, this further showcased the director’s eye for putting you in true real life drama.


2. Before Midnight

After nearly two decades and two movies later, Richard Linklater revisits Jesse and Celine’s story as their relationship has taken off. Their innocence of wondering the streets of Vienna and Paris are firmly in the past as we join them dealing with getting older, parenthood and the inevitabilities of life. This film could have gone over familiar ground, but as the seams of their relationships start to undo and experiencing them coping with consequences that threaten to split apart the most idyllic pairing that makes this the most tense, down to earth and personal of all the movies.


1. Gravity

There was always only ever going to be one winner. Achieving what all true works of cinema should strive towards that no written word can. Needing to be seen to be believed. Alfonso Cuaron‘s thrill ride of two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) desperate return to Earth after their space shuttle is destroyed became a stunning visual experience of intuitive film-making and nail biting tension. Sandra Bullock’s heroic performance, ground breaking use of 3D, cinematography and scale also escalated this from being a simple disaster thriller into something truly enigmatic and artistic, proving too that original ideas can captivate audiences. Making Gravity our top film of 2013.