Five Films To Catch This November

We’re rapidly nearing the end of yet another year of great movies and heading straight into the releases fit for the forthcoming awards season. But even while Winter approaches, we still have plenty of huge cinema experiences to enjoy from now until Christmas. For this month, we have a space exploration in danger, drug wars on the American border and gladiatorial sci-fi blockbusters to enjoy. So here at Inside Media Track, we’ve picked out our five films to catch this November:

hr_Philomena_1Philomena (In cinemas: November 1st)

Based on the real life story of journalist Martin Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan as he reluctantly takes the story of Philomena as his first story back in journalism, played by Judi Dench, as she sets out to search for her long-lost son. Directed by Stephen Frears whose movies revel in quintessential British cinema and tells the account of this incredible search for a missing son after so many years. Already earning festival prizes and earning praise as the best British film of the year, this looks to lend itself towards Judi Dench’s ability and also prove Steve Coogan as a versatile and serious actor, having already been in The Look Of Love earlier this year.



hr_Gravity_1Gravity (In cinemas: November 7th)

Already hailed as a cinematic milestone, a movie about Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts floating around stuck in space may seem simple enough. But director Alfonso Cuaron has conjured up a gripping edge of your seat thriller, aswell as experimenting with revolutionary 3D techniques, to provide an extraordinary cinematic experience like no other. Set above our orbit, our two main characters are suddenly sent into a frenzy when their space station is suddenly destroyed, leaving them stranded as they barely hold on to any hope of making it back home. Putting you right into the chaotic and truly frightening situation of being abandoned thousands of miles away from Earth, the promotion alone is a roller coaster of visuals, frantic spectacle, horror, stunning cinematography and scale. It’s surely a must see.



hr_The_Counselor_9The Counselor (In cinemas: November 15th)

Ridley Scott making a  movie from the words of Cormac McCarthy instantly gets the excitement rising, and the visual director has chosen McCarthy’s latest crack at screenplay writing as his new feature. Heavily set on the Texas/Mexico border, Michael Fassbender plays “The Counselor”, a lawyer who starts working his way into the world of trafficking as a vast array of stars including Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt attempt to unravel their illegal goings on with violence ensuing. It’s no surprise with Fassbender being the stand out star of Prometheus that Ridley Scott would choose him as his lead actor, and the ensemble cast looks promising enough to hopefully provide Ridley Scott’s recent collection with an exciting and tense thriller.



hr_Don_Jon_7Don Jon (In cinemas: November 15th)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of giant blockbusters such as Inception, The Dark Knight Rises and Looper, scales the big budget parts down in his first film as both writer and director. Playing the title character, Don Jon, who leads a loving life surrounded by family, friends and trips to the gym, but grows an unexpected attitude towards relationships and girlfriends to the point he’s having to be shown the true way, with his endearing partner played by Scarlett Johansson. This looks to finally show off what Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do behind the camera, with him already having his own production company in place and having already worked with incredible modern-day directors, this has all the signs of being a great first feature.



hr_The_Hunger_Games-_Catching_Fire_23The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (In cinemas: November 21st)

The long-awaited middle book of the Hunger Games trilogy finally arrives to the big screen, in the follow-up to last year’s box office hit The Hunger Games. With the central cast returning in the form of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, our hero Katniss Everdeen is seen as the face and symbol of a brewing rebellion among the twelve districts of the all-ruling Panem. To stem the uprising, she’s thrown back into the deadly Hunger Games arena once again, this time pitting her wits against previous winners. With Catching Fire providing the more twisty and rounded of the three novels, director Francis Lawrence hopes to build on the success of last year’s opener, and meet the huge weight of fans expectations, by providing a story that touches on darker themes of rebellion and opens up the franchise towards the more perilous confrontations between the powerful and the people, even wider.