‘Peaky Blinders’: Episode 3 – Info & Pictures

Peaky Blinders continues on Thursday, 26 September at 9pm on BBC Two.

Thomas Shelby, leader of the Peaky Blinders, is paid a visit in the Garrison pub by two men who claim to be IRA Fenians. They’ve heard that Thomas has come into possession of the missing crate of guns, and they want to buy them for the cause.

Grace, who is still posing as a barmaid in the pub, overhears the conversation and decides to trail the IRA men herself.

Thomas’s sister Ada secretly marries the Communist agitator Freddie Thorne, by whom she is pregnant. Thomas has promised Campbell that Freddie will leave Birmingham as part of a deal in which Campbell will allow Thomas to expand his business. When it transpires that Freddie is still in town, Thomas’s Aunt Polly forges a plan to get him out.

Thomas takes Grace to the Cheltenham races, where he aims to persuade kingpin Billy Kimber to make the Peaky Blinders part of his operations. Thomas’s brother Arthur also sets out to Cheltenham, accompanied by other members of the gang. Their mission is to prevent rival mob family the Lees stealing from Kimber’s men at the racecourse.

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