Five Films To Catch This July

Just when you thought box office smashing superheroes and blockbusters under the spotlight rule high and mighty at the cinema, this July sees the best in British and Independent film take their time to shine in bringing their new works to the big screen. So here at Inside Media Track, we have crafty cat burglars, an unusual University, and a trip to the local pub as part of our five films to see this July:

A-Field-In-EnglandA Field In England (In cinemas: July 5th)

Ben Wheatley has already risen to the heights of one of Britain’s best new directors and his new film is about to be an industry first. Set during the English Civil War as a group of desserts flee from the midst of battle to embark on a hunt for riches. As well as being released in cinemas, it is also being released on DVD, On Demand and screened on Film4 all on the same day, making it the first simultaneous release across all available outlets. With his first two works, Kill List and Sightseers, already successful in Wheatley’s disturbing story telling and venturing into the crazed, this will hope to continue his trend in this already ground breaking film.



hr_The_Bling_Ring_10The Bling Ring (In cinemas: July 5th)

With Lost In Translation being such a hit, yet her last outing Somewhere being a snore fest, Sofia Coppola looks to get back on form with a promising caper. Staring names including Emma Watson and Leslie Mann, as a group of friends develop such an obsession with the celebrity culture of LA that they decide to burgle their idols homes, getting their hands on the vast expense on offer. Based on a true story and already premiering at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Coppola’s indie sensibilities can either be tedious or triumphant, but with a strong ensemble and allowing women characters to excel in her previous work, this could well be a thumbs up.



hr_Pacific_Rim_33Pacific Rim (In cinemas: July 12th)

There’s something about Guillermo Del Toro having giant robots, monsters and action at his finger tips that makes his new feature sound like a director enjoying what he loves most and almost becoming a kid again. With Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman, gigantic monsters rise from the depths of the Pacific Ocean bringing mayhem, with humanities only hope being to fight fire with fire by creating an army of giant robots to combat the sea dwelling monsters. It looks big, brash and bold with Del Toro’s love of fantasy cranked right up that has always been evident in all his films. But with his fantasy work comes an air of well made craftsmanship and design like no other film makers around, making this an eagerly awaited treat.


hr_Monsters_University_19Monsters University (In cinemas: July 12th)

It’s been twelve years since Mike and Sulley were on the big screen in Monsters Inc., and the annually summer feature from Pixar this year sees a prequel to their 2001 hit, following the start of their friendship during their educational years. While recently Cars 2 and Brave haven’t hit the high gold standard that Pixar have set over the years, the renowned studio look to go back to the characters that gave them their first success after Toy Story, which could split audiences either way. But with the first film being almost the forgotten hit in their vast work since, this could reassure us all that they are indeed the best animated studio in the world.



hr_The_Worlds_End_7The World’s End (In cinemas: July 19th)

Finale to the ‘Cornetto trilogy’ resulting from Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz sees director Edgar Wright teaming up once again with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine to name just a few. Following the exploits of five friends re-uniting to tackle a long-lost pub crawl they once failed to complete, result in the infamous World’s End pub. But once their surroundings goes into mayhem with evil rampaging on the streets of their town, they realise heading to the World’s End may take a literal meaning. Fast paced, snappy lines and memorable comedy has become the essence of Edgar Wright‘s features and this hopes to complete an already hilarious trilogy.