Five Films To Catch This March

We’ve had the gowns, the tuxedos and the gold statuettes of the awards season, now as the hype and talk eases off, we’re able to ease back into the laid back entertaining trip to the cinema once again. Non more so than in the upcoming month. Here at Inside Media Track, we look ahead and choose our pick of five movies to see on the big screen this March.


Stoker (In cinemas: March 1st)

Starring Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman, with the look of a mix between a disturbed thriller meets The Addams Family, India (played by Wasikowska) plays a young girl whose Uncle moves into her family home, including her mother (played by Kidman), after the death of her father. But as they seem to get off on the wrong foot, they eventually unite closer as a team through a murderous addiction. It looks to play to the gothic and Twilight audiences with comparisons to troubled teenagers, strange family ties and blood lust.




Side Effects (In cinemas: March 8th)

Steven Soderbergh is back with his new feature; the director who can seem to deliver any type of subject film with Ocean’s Eleven and Contagion to his name. Jude Law plays a psychiatrist who prescribes his patient Rooney Mara with a revolutionary new anti-depressant – convincing her that this drug indeed works on many levels. However, once this new drug starts to affect her judgement with her husband and surroundings, hence the title, an undercover task begins to find the bottom of this supposedly brilliant drug. As with Soderbergh’s other work, he has a knack for creating chaos, drama and dis-order out of nothing situations which is used to full effect, and this very much looks to prove that point once more.



Welcome To The Punch (In cinemas: March 15th)

First of two James McAvoy British movies this month, as he plays a detective given one final chance to catch a fugitive criminal in the form of Mark Strong whose coming out of hiding one last time to London to sort out a crime gone wrong. This looks to try to present a classy stylish Capital that films like Layer Cake and The Sweeney have done previously, but do it in a criminal underworld style. An all British supporting cast to say the least too including Peter Mullan, David Morrissey and Andrea Riseborough whose fast becoming the prominent go-to British actress.


hr_Jack_the_Giant_Slayer_12Jack The Giant Slayer (In cinemas: March 22nd)

Carrying on the trend of bringing fairy tales to the cinema with action and fighting thrown in for good measure, X-Men director Bryan Singer brings his vision of the ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ story. Starring Nicholas Hoult as the hero Jack. The twist on the famous story is he’s being drawn into a world of giants while helping to protect his homeland, distancing the story away from the magic beans aspect. With a solid director like Singer and a supporting cast which includes Ewan McGregor and Bill Nighy, this could potentially make the fairy tale genre adventurous and darker once more.


hr_Trance_4Trance (In cinemas: March 29th)

With winning Oscars and orchestrating Olympic ceremonies, there seems nothing Danny Boyle can’t do. His first feature since 127 Hours sees James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson team up by chance as they are on the run from gang leader Victor Cassel involving an art auction deal gone wrong. Coming off the huge success of Slumdog Millionaire, it felt 127 Hours would be a come down lower-budget feature but ended up being just as enigmatic and showed you can make a 90-minute movie about a man stuck in one place perfectly. So here, after the success of the Olympics, you’d feel this could be Danny Boyle doing yet another lower-budget eased-off feature but could have the potential to be yet another underrated hit.