Five Films To Catch This April

We’re already heading towards the big Summer blockbuster season, but you don’t have to wait until then to get your fix of cinematic extravaganzas. This April sees science fiction dominate the cinemas, so here at Inside Media Track we’ve gone and picked out the five films to catch this month.

hr_Dark_Skies_9Dark Skies (In cinemas: 3rd April)

Produced by the team who made Paranormal Activity and Insidious, this looks to be a mix between Shyamalan’s The Happening and the Hitchcock classic The Birds as a family suffer the terror and trials of an unknown force. Eventually, having to escape before this menacing force turns even darker. Whilst the mentioned films are indeed scary, the director’s previous work isn’t the greatest. However, if this can match the same feeling as something like Sinister achieved last year, whilst producing a grounded resolution that modern mainstream horror unfortunately lacks, then this could be a thumbs up.



hr_Oblivion_9Oblivion (In cinemas: 10th April)

You have the bankable box office star in the form of Tom Cruise, and support from Andrea Riseborough and the first of two Morgan Freeman pictures this month. But with the director of Tron Legacy in the seat, this could be another case of all surface and no depth. Set on a future post-apocalyptic Earth, Tom Cruise‘s character is a repairman whose job is to sew life back into the desolate Earth after an alien invasion. But when a young woman comes into his life, the revelation too shocking, he begins to question the events that had led to the demise of the planet. In any case, this



hr_The_Place_Beyond_the_Pines_3The Place Beyond The Pines (In cinemas: 12th April)

Just as Ryan Gosling is soon to team up with Nicolas Winding Refn again, here he teams up with the director of Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance, in what looks to be a continuation on the themes of social turmoil and troubled relationships. After a motorbike rider finds he is the father of a new-born baby, he resorts to go down the criminal road in order to provide for his new son and lover Eva Mendes. However, when he crosses paths with a seasoned police officer in the form of Bradley Cooper, he begins to understand his wrong doings and reconcile his life. Surpassing Blue Valentine maybe an achievement seeing as it was such a tough film to endure, but with a good cast and early praise, this looks to be a hit.


hr_Olympus_Has_Fallen_30Olympus Has Fallen (In cinemas: 17th April)

Director Antoine Fuqua is back with his new feature that sees a ruthless mercenary overtake the White House, holding the President, played by Aaron Eckhart, hostage. That is until an ex-Army ranger played by Gerard Butler, who has past mistakes in guarding the President playing on his mind, has the chance to redeem his troubles and help rid the terrorist threat when his knowledge of the Presidential house plays a vital part in bringing the bad guys down. Fuqua’s recent work hasn’t really met the heights of his Oscar-winning Training Day but judging by the premise, and support from Morgan Freeman, it could turn out to be an action packed Die Hard styled romp.


hr_Iron_Man_3_32Iron Man 3 (In cinemas: 25th April)

He’s back, Robert Downey Jr. gets back into the iron suit as Tony Stark comes up against his fiercest rival in the form of The Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley. The first outing from one of the Avengers Assemble gang since last year’s top grossing film looks to sway more towards a darker more serious story instead of the hero in tights adventure. Judging by the publicity, they’ve decided to knuckle down and produce a more interesting foe seeking world domination, seeing as the two previous efforts were more pantomime than perilous. Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle reprise their roles, aswell as introducing Guy Pearce and the director of Lethal Weapon to the series looks to make this a more solid and rounded chapter in the Marvel series.