Five Films To Catch This October

So far, 2012 has proved to be yet another big year for film – from the huge blockbusters and mega budget spectacles, to the independently funded works and awe-inspiring documentaries, we’ve already been treated to some cinematic greatness.. and it doesn’t stop there. With some big named movies still yet to come on the horizon this year, here at Inside Media Track we’ve picked out our top five films to look out for this October.

Taken 2 (In cinemas: 4th October)

There was nothing more vigorous and scary than seeing esteemed actor Liam Neeson fighting the criminal underworld of Paris in order to rescue his daughter from a kidnapping. But with the first film being a surprising and in someway a cult hit, despite its vast plot holes and flawed believability, this looks more obvious, like it could easily put you in the very good or very bad camp compared to that first outing. The story looks to follow a similar pattern in that the former wife of Neeson’s character, played by Famke Janssen, gets taken by the associates of the previous bad guys to which he sets out to save her. Hopefully it will deviate a little from the similar events of the first film and maybe, just maybe, hold up as a hit in comparison to the original.


On The Road (In cinemas: 12th October)

Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley star in this poignant drama about a family who decide to take a road trip across post-war America in the 1940’s after losing their father. In the running for the Palme D’Or prize at this year’s Cannes film festival, this looks like a fairly middle of the road easy-going film that has been in some form of awards anticipation for most of the year. It’s big attraction would be the fact it’s the new film from Sam Riley who has been a BAFTA rising star award nominee and was terrific as the mob ring leader last time out in Brighton Rock. With the film being adapted by an already inspiring novel, hopefully it will allow audiences to be swept up in the story and bring out the best in its acting talent.


Ruby Sparks (In cinemas: 12th October)

Underrated actor Paul Dano stars in this romantic comedy about the life of a novelist who struggles to pin down a female character for his latest work, and slowly comes to realise that the persona and traits of his own creation begins to play out similarly in a girl he gets to know in real life. Yes, the story does sound a little far-fetched but I say underrated in regards to Dano as he was great in Little Miss Sunshine and even phenomenally great in There Will Be Blood. With a possible pessimistic approach to the story, but faith in its acting, hopefully this will demonstrate that movies can still have genuinely memorable performances in works that split and divide audiences.



Frankenweenie (In cinemas: 19th October)

Whether you’re a huge fan of Tim Burton‘s live action work or not, you can’t deny that his animated features still bring out his love of gothic storytelling and overall love of film. The story follows a young boy named Victor who uses his love of medical science to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, but as he tries to keep his creation a secret, his faithful pet escapes and causes untold chaos. With Burton’s other stop motion features Corpse Bride and James and the Giant Peach being big hits, hopefully this will reinsert to the younger generation that animated films need not be about computer based graphics and stop motion can be just as much as an engaging format as any modern technology.



Skyfall (In cinemas: 26th October)

Bond is indeed back!  Daniel Craig stars in his third outing as the iconic British secret agent, and we expect the newest installment to the Bond franchise to offer up its usual high-powered action and suave style, especially since the series is celebrating its 50th year since its first outing. The plot looks to stem from an operation that presumably leaves Bond dead, but once Britain’s secret service MI5 becomes the target of the baddies, it looks like James must save the world once again. Big anticipation comes in the form of the stellar cast including both Craig and Judi Dench along with newcomers Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris, along with the directorial craftsmanship and heart of Sam Mendes, director of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road. With this having the time and brains injected into it, compared to previous films, surely this looks to be a thumbs up.