Five Films To Look Out For This August

Our pick of the August cinema releases

Some of the Summer’s big budget blockbusters have already come and gone, to some great praise and performances at the box office. But here we pick out five films, enough to whet the appetite of any movie fan, to look out for in the remaining weeks of Summer sunshine. So put down your ice creams and sand buckets, pick up your boxes of popcorn, and enjoy what the rest of the Summer cinema season has to offer:


Ted (In cinemas: 1st August 2012)

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star in Seth McFarlane‘s first feature comedy film, as Wahlberg plays Johnny, a lonely child who confides in his teddy bear, becoming friends for life. But once Johnny’s older, he finds it difficult to keep his girlfriend (Mila Kunis) happy whilst his ‘Ted’ runs riot and plays on being his foul-mouthed buddy. I’ve always supported that Mark Wahlberg is a very funny actor, just look at The Other Guys and The Departed, so it seems a perfect fit in this sort of film where his dry humour looks to be the main draw. Plus, with this being McFarlane’s big step up to feature film making, a man who can produce shock value yet make it up to date, hopefully his comedic writing can be the main reason behind plaudits and success.

Brave: (In cinemas: 13th August)

You can’t have a Summer, without there being a huge feature from Pixar. This year, it’s the turn of Princess Merida, cursed by a devious witch in tenth century Scotland due to her lack of conformity, as she looks to undo her wicked spell and rid her land of evil. Going down a different avenue of storytelling, with having a strong female protagonist instead of whizzing cars and fun-loving toys, will be an interesting venture for the renowned animation studio. A vast array of British talent, such as Kelly McDonald and Julie Walters, have poured their voices into this, as Pixar look to hit that mark of playing brilliantly towards the whole family audience, something which they’ve been inconsistent for in recent films.

The Bourne Legacy (In cinemas: 17th August)

There’s no Matt Damon as the starring role anymore, but that shouldn’t put you off this being an action packed ride as its preceding trilogy was. Taken from the similarly revamped literary series by writer Eric Van Lustbader, Jeremy Renner plays our hero Alex Cross, an assassin agent who looks to be searching to clear his name whilst under the constant threat of capture. With a strong supporting cast in the shape of Ed Norton and Rachel Weisz, tied in with familiar faces from the previous films, this surely looks to follow the conformoties of real action and drama, whilst hopefully producing an original idea for the Bourne franchise.

Total Recall (In cinemas: 24th August)

Over two decades since the original with Arnold Schwarznegger, Total Recall looks to get the modern-day Hollywood treatment. Set in the future, Quaid (Played by Colin Farrell) looks to erase his low existence of life in return for a happier one, but once higher powers realise he may have already took this procedure, he becomes the target of a conspiracy as to why he came back. Already from its trailer, it has that bustling Chinatown environment of Blade Runner, mixed in with the gadgetry and design of Minority Report, with obvious nods back to the original Total Recall. However, if it sticks to what makes science-fiction successful, by portraying its strong ideas and themes in fantastical worlds that allow you to envisage them ideas, then we may have a successful remake on our hands.

The Watch (In cinemas: 29th August)

Two young upcoming actors in the form of Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, team up with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in this sci-fi comedy. Straight laced Stiller, forms a neighbourhood watch group to help bring peace to his suburban home, that is until visitors from outer space look to bring mayhem to the residents, and even take over the world. I’m not saying every Stiller and Vaughn comedies are triumphs, but the interesting idea of taking two established veterans so to speak, of the comedy genre and playing them off with the young talent of Hill and Ayoade looks to be a prospect that either may or may not work. A bold approach that could just pay off.